5 Simple Ways to Avoid Energy Waste in Your Data Center

A Checklist

These five measures can save a significant amount of energy and are fairly easily implemented. 

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Data Center Measure Description Check if Completed
Raise the temperature!
  • Generally speaking, most IT equipment can tolerate higher operating temperatures
  • Every 1°F increase in temperature can save 4% to 5% in energy costs.

Virtualize servers
  • Thanks to specialized software, it’s possible to run a number of “virtual servers” on one physical “host” server, resulting in fewer physical servers to power and cool.
  • A university that virtualized just 35 physical servers saved more than $280,000 over 3 years. 

Identify and remove unused servers 
  • Data center surveys show that up to 30% of servers aren’t doing any useful work, yet they consume electricity 24/7.
  • According to the Uptime Institute, decommissioning a single server can save $500 in energy, $500 in operating system licenses, and $1,500 in hardware maintenance costs annually.

Replace standard fans with variable speed fans
  • Variable speed fans optimize data center cooling and save energy.
  • eBay’s investment in variable speed fan retrofits had a 1.6 year payback.

Institute ENERGY STAR purchasing policy
  • Always purchase of ENERGY STAR certified servers, data storage, networking, and uninterruptible power supplies.
  • ENERGY STAR certified servers can save $60 to $120 annually in electricity.

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