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Over 800 manufacturing companies, from large to small, are partners with ENERGY STAR.  Companies join the ENERGY STAR industrial partnership to:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to energy management
  • Strengthen their energy program through coaching and mentoring
  • Learn from leading energy managers and their programs
  • Gain access to partner events and meetings

ENERGY STAR partners benefit from a strong network of industrial energy managers who share best practices and practical advice across industries in a non-competitive and no-sell environment.

The ENERGY STAR partnership is open to any manufacturing company with operations in the United States.  As a voluntary program, there are no fees, legal commitments, nor reporting requirements for Partners. 

To learn more about the ENERGY STAR Industrial Partnership, please contact  for more information.  Click here to Join the ENERGY STAR Industrial Partnership.

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Energy Managers at the annual ENERGY STAR Industrial Partner Meeting



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