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Certified Products Lists

The ENERGY STAR Product Finder system displays ENERGY STAR product information, providing easily-accessible, user-friendly search tools, and advanced search capabilities and export options for program administration. These advanced tools can be accessed through the main ENERGY STAR Product Finder page or reached directly at:

The data can be downloaded in Excel, XML, and CSV (comma-separated) format, or accessed via an API at The files can be accessed directly at: ENERGY STAR Certified – Lighting Products and ENERGY STAR Certified – Non-lighting Products. Note that this data is updated daily.

To get routine updates on product disqualifications, email to opt-in.

Products Resources

Here you’ll find tools and information to help you convey to your staff, customers, or business partners how ENERGY STAR can help them protect the environment while saving energy and money.

Forecasting and Evaluation Resources

Measurement approaches and protocols:

Evaluation reports and papers:

Energy consumption information from the U.S. Energy Information Administration: