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ENERGY STAR makes it easy to find an efficient server to meet your needs. Using our ENERGY STAR Product Finder, you can select from hundreds of certified energy efficient servers by the best, most popular and most trusted brands for your data center -- like Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, and others. In addition, you can filter the list of models by specific attributes, such as:

  • Form factor (e.g., blade, rack-mount, tower/pedestal)
  • Operating system supported
  • Memory
  • Processor Sockets

Servers are generally replaced every three to five years depending on their application. The next time you undertake your server refresh, specify servers that have earned the ENERGY STAR label. They are third-party certified to be energy efficient and use 30% less than conventional models by using the most efficient components (e.g., CPU, power supply) and ramping down energy use at low workloads. And remember to keep the power management settings engaged! Power management is a key component of ENERGY STAR servers and should not be disabled to get the full efficiency value of the product.

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Be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR when shopping for an enterprise server

Current Specification Effective Date:  June 17, 2019

The ENERGY STAR certified computer server product criteria requires that computer servers use more efficient power supplies, advanced power management features, real-time performance measurement, and lower energy consumption in both the active and idle states.

The criteria are tailored to each product type, including the number of processors and server type. In addition the idle energy consumption is reported and power management requirements exist. Power management is a key component of ENERGY STAR servers and should not be disabled to get the full energy efficiency value of the product.

For a complete description of the specification, please go to Computer Servers Version 3.0 Program Requirements (PDF, 849 KB)

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