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ENERGY STAR certified refrigerated beverage vending machines are on average 40% more efficient and save about 1,000 kWh annually. 

  • New and rebuilt refrigerated beverage vending machines that have earned the ENERGY STAR are 40% more energy-efficient than standard machine models.
  • ENERGY STAR certified vending machines incorporate more efficient compressors, fan motors, and lighting systems to keep beverages just as cold and the machine visible while using less energy.
  • ENERGY STAR certified machines come with a low power mode option that allows the machine to be placed in low-energy lighting and/or low-energy refrigeration states during times of inactivity.

You may be interested to know that, according to the Consortium of Energy Efficiency, at least 25% of all rooftop HVAC units are oversized, resulting in increased energy costs and equipment wear. Properly sized equipment dramatically cuts energy costs, increases the life of the equipment, and reduces pollution.

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What else should I look for when buying a refrigerated beverage vending machine?

Most sites have a contract spanning several years with a vender operator, who is responsible for providing drinks, snacks, and other vending services. Generally the operator owns the vending machines but you may have some opportunities to work with them to get energy efficient machines that will cost you less to operate.

If your beverage contract will soon expire, request ENERGY STAR machines in your next request for proposals.

If you are currently in the middle of a vending contract, talk to your operator about either converting your current fleet of vending machines to more efficient ENERGY STAR models or upgrading your existing machines to ENERGY STAR levels.

Consider selecting vending machines with a lower Global Warming Potential refrigerant. Refrigerants with lower global warming potential (GWP) for vending machines include R-290, R-600a, and R-744 (CO₂). Selecting an ENERGY STAR certified model with a lower GWP refrigerant means your product will have a much lower impact on the climate if the refrigerant is released into the environment. The GWP compares the warming power of a substance to an equivalent amount of CO2 (GWP = 1 for CO2). Some refrigerants are hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which are powerful greenhouse gases with GWPs hundreds or thousands of times higher than CO2. Find vending machines that contain refrigerants with a lower impact on global warming here.

Be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR when shopping for a vending machine

Current Specification Effective Date:  April 2020

Commercial Vending Machine Key Product Criteria: ENERGY STAR

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