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Product Brand Owner Resources

Product brand owners can increase sales and customer loyalty by promoting the energy–saving and environmental benefits associated with ENERGY STAR.

Here’s how:

  1. Join

    The first step to selling products as ENERGY STAR in the U.S. and/or Canada is to review the ENERGY STAR partner commitments and products specifications and submit an application to become a partner.

  2. Certify

    Before products can be labeled with the ENERGY STAR, partners must have products that meet ENERGY STAR specifications third–party certified by an EPA–recognized certification body (CB). Upon certification of a product, the CB will notify the partner that the product meets the ENERGY STAR requirements and will submit information on the product to EPA for listing on the ENERGY STAR website. For additional information on third–party certification requirements, including a list of EPA–recognized CBs by product category, visit www.energystar.gov/3rdpartycert.

  3. Label

    Once your product is certified by an EPA–recognized CB, use the ENERGY STAR logo, consistent with the ENERGY STAR Brand Book, on products and promotional materials, and our Web Tools to differentiate your energy–efficient products. The Requirements for many product categories include displaying the logo on the product.

  4. Report

    Most ENERGY STAR product brand owner partners are required to report annually their unit shipment data. EPA collects data on units shipped each calendar year to determine the market penetration of ENERGY STAR products and evaluate the overall performance of the program. For more information on the reporting process, visit: www.energystar.gov/unitshipmentdata.

  5. Train

    Use ENERGY STAR training resources ENERGY STAR Training Center logo to enhance sales rep effectiveness.

  6. Promote

    ENERGY STAR offers a variety of marketing resources (materials and product-specific national campaigns), including Web Tools. Identify joint marketing opportunities.

  7. Keep Informed

    To maintain ENERGY STAR’s commitment energy efficiency, our specifications are constantly updated. Stay on top of specifications in development and attend partner meetings.

  8. Build an Effective ENERGY STAR Strategy

    Develop an ENERGY STAR strategy that integrates ENERGY STAR into your corporate strategy.

  9. Get Recognized

    Now that you’ve developed your ENERGY STAR program, apply for Partner of the Year.

  10. Use ENERGY STAR to Save Energy within Your Organization

    Reduce your energy costs with ENERGY STAR buildings & plants, get tips on facility energy management, purchasing/procuring ENERGY STAR qualified products and reducing computer energy use with monitor power management, and more.