Partner Commitments

Upon signing an ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement, product brand owners agree to several commitments which are outlined as part of the program requirements for their particular product category. However, across all categories, the commitments share common elements:

Certify Products

Prior to associating the ENERGY STAR name or mark with any product, obtain written certification of ENERGY STAR qualification from a Certification Body (CB) recognized by EPA for that product type.

Label Products

In most instances, brand owners are required to place the ENERGY STAR logo on the front/top of the product, in product literature, on the product listing on their website, and on the product packaging. Details are included in the Partner Commitments for each product category on the Product Specifications and Partner Commitments Search page.

Participate in Verification Testing

Brand owner partners are required to provide full cooperation and timely responses to facilitate third-party verification testing of a designated subset of certified models through the certification body associated with them.

Submit Unit Shipment Data

Shipments of ENERGY STAR models are an integral part of program evaluation. Partners are required to submit data for each calendar year to EPA or an EPA-authorized third party no later than March 1 of the following year. This information is used to determine ENERGY STAR market share and program impact.

Maintain Current Partner Contacts

EPA shares important partner communications via e-mail. To ensure receipt of these e-mails, partners must update the designated responsible party as needed using the My ENERGY STAR Account tool (MESA).

These activities are key to the success of the ENERGY STAR Products program and are outlined in greater detail in the Partner Commitment section of the ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for each product category. Failure to meet these commitments may result in partnership termination.

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