Associating the ENERGY STAR Label with Products

As a registered trademark, the ENERGY STAR name and mark have several restrictions associated with their use. Program partners are expected to adhere to the Brand Book when using them. Other important considerations include:

Certifying Products

Partners must certify product models prior to associating the label or marketing them as ENERGY STAR.

Verification Testing of Products

All ENERGY STAR certified products are subject to post-market verification testing (VT) administered by CBs, irrespective of when they were initially certified. Brand owners must be responsive to CB requests for information and payment for this testing.


Partners can access ENERGY STAR logos through MESA, as soon as the first product is certified.


The ENERGY STAR name and marks may only be used in association with certified products available for sale in the United States and/or ENERGY STAR partner countries. Assuming a product model is certified in the U.S. or an ENERGY STAR partner country, units shipped to other countries may also bear the label.


It is important for brand owners to provide accurate information about model availability during the third-party certification process. Models listed as “currently available” will be included in the ENERGY STAR Product Finder as “certified and available”. Models listed before qualifying production changes are made, are subject to disqualification, even if associated units bear the label.

Modifying Models and Production

Partners who modify models to meet ENERGY STAR specifications are responsible for associating the label only with the certified units. Partners also need to notify Certification Bodies (CBs) when making changes to an already certified model that could impact ENERGY STAR performance. Changing model numbers when modifying units is best practice for ensuring all units produced under a model number meet the certified performance. EPA typically provides a transition time of nine months when program requirements change, allowing brand owners the necessary time to ensure accurate labeling of models and associated units.

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