ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Service Provider Partnership

The ENERGY STAR Program is partnering with companies and community-based organizations that function as a concierge for energy efficiency home upgrade services to bring the benefits of energy savings and a clean energy future to American households nationwide. Together, we will accelerate the adoption of the elements of an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade, which present an opportunity for almost every home in America to lower energy bills while improving home comfort and health.

The ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade is a set of six generally applicable electric energy efficiency improvements that are designed to work together to deliver significant energy and cost savings. These upgrades, which can be made all at once or as the equipment is replaced, include an ENERGY STAR certified heat pump, heat pump water heater, smart thermostat, and windows, plus a well-insulated and sealed attic and electric-ready wiring/panel improvements.

The ENERGY STAR Advantage:

This partnership leverages the strong market position of the ENERGY STAR brand, along with the program’s specialized communication capabilities and extensive reach through its network of manufacturer, retail, and utility partners.

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Over 90% of American households recognize the ENERGY STAR label, and 70% of recent purchasers reporting the label influenced their choice.

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Research indicates that consumers across all markets trust ENERGY STAR as a resource on clean energy and electrification.

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In 2022, ENERGY STAR and its partners reached more than 200 million American consumers through campaigns and digital media efforts, generated 4 million views of educational videos, and served as a trusted resource to 7.8 million web visitors.


ENERGY STAR creates outreach strategies based on optimal market segmentation to reach receptive households, and tailors communications based on the characteristics of each segment.

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ENERGY STAR works to raise awareness about electrification and the adoption of associated technologies by leveraging a broad range of communication channels including social media, display advertising, video advertising, and influencers such Lifetime Network’s Designing Spaces---all pointing consumers to as the nexus for information and guidance.

Through this partnership, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides a national platform for encouraging Americans to take action on energy efficiency in their home. It actively supports service provider efforts to harness best practices for braiding together financial resources to make home upgrades more accessible to low-income households. EPA facilitates information exchange and connects those service providers implementing and promoting home upgrades through webinars, 1-1 conversations, and stakeholder engagements at events, such as the annual ENERGY STAR Partner Meeting. EPA leverages the network of existing ENERGY STAR partners – manufacturers, retailers, utilities, and states – to help form new connections through the service provider partnership that advances productive collaboration. This collaboration with ENERGY STAR and its partners, whether in marketing, communications, program design, or other areas, makes it easier for homeowners to understand and act on making their homes more energy efficient. For more information, read the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Service Provider Partnership factsheet (PDF, 383 KB). View marketing materials available to partners.

The ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade is a marketing platform that is also available to ENERGY STAR manufacturers, retailers, and efficiency program sponsor partners. Join in one of those categories. Current partners should speak with their ENERGY STAR contact about how to participate in the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade Service Provider Partnership.


Companies operating on their own behalf or community-based organizations that provide home upgrade (energy efficiency) concierge services for single-family or multi-family residences, offering some or all the measures in an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade, and promote those measures in the context of the value of an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade. Eligible companies/organizations include those that assess and identify homes for relevant upgrades and facilitate or perform the installations of ENERGY STAR certified equipment. However, traditional HVAC contractors, water heater or window installers, and insulation contractors are not eligible.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in this partnership and wish to discuss your eligibility or have other questions after reviewing the Service Provider Partnership program requirements linked below, please email

If you are ready to apply, Service Providers can join in partnership with ENERGY STAR by taking the following steps:

  1. Review the Program Requirements for the Service Provider Partnership (PDF, 408 KB) and the ENERGY STAR Brand Book (aka Logo Use Guidelines).
  2. For a new partnership, download and review the ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement (PDF, 298 KB). Once you have reviewed, fill out the fields on page 1. Sign the Partnership Agreement by checking the authorization box, entering the date of signature, and entering the contact information of the signatory on page 3.
  3. Download and complete the  ENERGY STAR Participation Form for Service Providers (PDF, 175 KB)  . Fill out the contact information for your organization’s ENERGY STAR partnership on page 2. All contacts listed on this page will receive ENERGY STAR correspondence. The primary contact will serve as the main contact for the organization’s ENERGY STAR Partnership. If this page is left intentionally blank, the responsible agent listed in the Partnership Agreement will serve as the primary contact.
  4. Return the Partnership Agreement and Participation Form to If you are unable to send the document by email, please send a hard copy to:


c/o ICF

2550 S. Clark St., Suite 1200

Arlington, VA 22202

Once the application is received, ENERGY STAR will review it and may contact you with questions. Once the partnership is approved, a copy of the signed Partnership Agreement will be returned to you for your records.