Certifying Products

Partners must certify product models prior to associating the label or marketing them as ENERGY STAR.

  • Brand owners must identify an EPA-recognized laboratory to test its product and an EPA recognized certification body (CB) to certify the results and submit product information to EPA. EPA’s list of recognized labs and CBs is sortable by product category. A brand owner may use its own, non-accredited laboratory for testing if the lab is enrolled as a witnessed or supervised manufacturer test lab (W/SMTL) by an EPA-recognized CB.
  • The cost and duration of product testing and certification varies by product category and CB. EPA encourages brand owners to contact CBs directly for more specific information. If at any time a brand owner has concerns about the way a CB is administering testing, it may contact EPA at certification@energystar.gov.
  • CBs submit all required certified product information to EPA using XML web services. Products appear on the ENERGY STAR certified product lists within 24 hours of CB submission. Partners may provide UPC codes for existing certifications or for products where the UPC code has not yet been assigned through their CB or by using the ENERGY STAR Brand Owner UPC Submission system.
  • Only models with units for sale in the US and Canada will appear on certified product lists. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) model numbers used for initial certification purposes but not bound for the US market cannot be listed.
  • Laboratory test reports may be used for multiple product models, for example if an identical product is sold under different brand names. CBs are responsible for retaining information identifying all certifications associated with a test report.
  • A model number for a product that has been disqualified or determined ineligible for ENERGY STAR cannot be re-used or referenced for a different product for any future certification, regardless of product redesign. 
  • If a brand owner makes changes to a product that may significantly affect its performance, it must notify the CB for that product to determine if re-testing or updates to the product listing are necessary.
  • The process for certifying Residential Insulation products is unique. Find the process here.

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