Whole-building Upgrades

a man wearing a hard hat looks over blueprints

Aligning program implementation strategies with an integrated approach to building performance can encourage deeper energy savings. Program sponsors can stimulate customer demand for whole-building upgrades through financial and other incentive strategies, and can partner with trade allies to encourage the delivery of comprehensive services. Incentives can be complemented and reinforced by ENERGY STAR public recognition.

  • See What Others Are Doing. Case studies highlight programs encouraging whole-building upgrades by promoting performance improvement.
  • Offer customers and/or trade allies performance incentives that are based on a target percent energy savings, an improvement in a facility's ENERGY STAR score, or earning the ENERGY STAR.
  • Search the list of most active ENERGY STAR Service and Product Providers to identify and partner with trade allies that promote comprehensive energy management upgrades.
  • Refer customers to ENERGY STAR resources for the Licensed Professional (Professional Engineer and Registered Architects) verification required before the award of the ENERGY STAR to certified buildings, including the Licensed Professional Directory, the Licensed Professional's Guide PDF (358KB).
  • Provide incentives that pay for all or part of the cost of the Licensed Professional verification.
  • Publicize the success of program participants that have earned the ENERGY STAR.