Get Started with the Benchmarking Starter Kit

Find Out What Data You’ll Need to Benchmark 

data checklist thumbnailUse the data collection worksheet. Before you start, it’ll help speed up the process if you first collect all the data you’ll need to enter into Portfolio Manager. Use the data collection worksheet to get a complete list of the information required for your specific building, then create a PDF or Word document to print and fill out so all of the data is right in front of you.

Set Up and Populate Your Account in Portfolio Manager

Once you’ve identified and collected the necessary data, benchmarking is relatively simple. The “add property” and “add meters” wizards in Portfolio Manager will help you quickly and accurately set up your property in the tool. 

Refer to the Portfolio Manager quick start guide for a handy, at-a-glance guide to the basic steps of using Portfolio Manager.

Automate Your Data Submission

Depending on your location or current utility tracking software, you may be able to automate the submission of your data into Portfolio Manager.

See if Your Utility Provides Energy Data for Benchmarking

More and more utilities are making aggregate whole-building data readily available, and enabling customers to have their data sent automatically into their Portfolio Manager account. Check our interactive map to see if your utility is one of them. If they aren’t, be sure to call to tell them you’d be interested in this service

Utility Map Detail

Use web services to exchange data with Portfolio Manager

Many leading energy services companies exchange data directly with Portfolio Manager. These companies can upload your energy data and also extract key performance metrics, like the 1 – 100 ENERGY STAR score. (For example, the ENERGY STAR score might be built into a vendor’s energy dashboard.)

Web services are ideal for organizations with:  

  • Energy information and bill payment services
  • A large portfolio of buildings
  • Interest in eliminating manual data entry

Find a provider that offers web services.

Your organization may also choose to set up web services internally to update your own buildings automatically.  Learn how to use web services to exchange data with Portfolio Manager.

Additional resources

  • Visit the training section for Portfolio Manager how-to guides, short videos, and live and recorded training sessions.
  • Learn how to use Portfolio Manager to track waste and materials.