As a certified Home Energy Rater and ENERGY STAR partner, you are now positioned to sell your services to builders.

Market Your Services with EPA’s Resources

To help you market the value of your services and the ENERGY STAR program to home builders, EPA has developed a marketing presentation and a builder-recruitment brochure titled "Join the ENERGY STAR Partnership." Please visit our FAQ page to find answers, submit a question or order brochures.

For information on how other raters have successfully recruited builders as clients, see Suggestions for Recruiting Builders and Developing Strong Relationships with Local Builders.

Market Online. Stand out from the competition by promoting the value of ENERGY STAR certified homes and your home energy rating services online. ENERGY STAR can help:

Be sure to let us know when you include ENERGY STAR information on your company’s Web site. When you notify us, we will create a link from the popular Partner Locator on the ENERGY STAR Web site to your page. This link will help interested home builders find you easily. The Web Linking Policy provides details.

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