ENERGY STAR Tenant Space

ENERGY STAR Tenant Space logoENERGY STAR Tenant Space is an EPA recognition for sustainability efforts in your leased office space. Energy efficient office spaces can lead to lower utility bills and fewer greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Does your organization lease office space within a multi-tenant building? Earn recognition for your sustainability efforts! Check out the information and resources below to learn how or see a list of all ENERGY STAR Tenant Spaces.

Eligibility Requirements

Your Tenant Space must:

  • Be either a general administrative office, financial office, or a non-diagnostic medical office (such as a doctor’s office that does not include diagnostic equipment). It may include a data center.
  • Represent all your usable office square footage in the building. Your Usable square footage is defined as all areas within the demising walls reserved for your exclusive use.
  • Be located in the United States.

Recognition Criteria

Have an eligible Tenant Space? Great! Here are the steps to earning ENERGY STAR Tenant Space recognition:

  1. Estimate energy use: Understanding your energy use helps identify actions you can take to make the biggest impact. 
  2. Meter: You can’t manage what you don’t measure!  Tenants must meter the energy they are responsible for in the building.
  3. Light efficiently: Lighting is a major user and one of the most cost-effective upgrades. Tenants will need to meet a lighting energy use target to qualify for recognition.
  4. Use efficient equipment: Upgrading equipment reduces the large energy draw from plug loads.  Tenants will need to provide an energy efficient equipment procurement policy.
  5. Share data with the landlord (if requested): Your data may enable whole building benchmarking, which supports strategic investment in energy performance and is often needed for compliance with local laws and mandates.

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Additional Resources

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