ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award for Your Organization

2014 ENERGY STAR Awards Ceremony

EPA’S Premier Energy Efficiency Awards

Each year, EPA recognizes a group of businesses and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency achievements. ENERGY STAR Award winners lead their industries. They produce and sell energy-efficient products and services. They build energy efficient new homes. They develop and promote strategies to save energy in buildings and industrial plants. They lead the way for others and demonstrate what is possible through innovation and drive.

Who Are the Top Companies Advancing Energy Efficiency?

From multinational corporations to local energy efficiency programs, ENERGY STAR Award winners have one thing in common: an unwavering commitment to saving energy and protecting the environment. Winners hail from the following industries:

Utilities, state agencies, regional energy efficiency nonprofit organizations, commercial real estate companies, hospitals, school districts, industrial manufacturers, home energy raters, builders and developers, contractors, product manufacturers, telecommunications providers, retailers, energy services companies (ESCOs), unregulated energy retailers and marketers, engineers, architects, energy consultants, contractors, distributors, commercial lenders, energy information providers.

See last year’s winners (PDF, 99 KB), or browse the archives.

Eligibility and Award Categories

ENERGY STAR Award winners are chosen from a vast network of nearly 20,000 ENERGY STAR partners. The selection process is extremely competitive, and the criteria are rigorous. There are four award categories and 11 subcategories. Commercial buildings partners typically apply within the following categories:

  • Energy Management. Awarded to organizations for adopting a continuous energy management strategy across the organization’s entire portfolio of buildings and plants
  • Energy Efficiency Program Delivery. Awarded to organizations for sponsoring energy efficiency programs to improve the efficiency of buildings within their community or territory.
  • Service and Product Provider. Awarded to ENERGY STAR partner companies that offer energy services and products in the commercial, institutional, or industrial markets for successfully assisting their clients in strategic energy management and building design.
  • Data innovation. One-time award given to organizations that have demonstrated innovation in access to data required by EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool, and/or expanding the use of the data and building performance metrics available from it.
  • ENERGY STAR Promotion.  Awarded to organizations that planned and executed a successful ENERGY STAR energy-efficiency promotional effort.

Learn more about award categories.

Concurrent Partner Events

Other ENERGY STAR partner and stakeholder meetings are held in conjunction with the ENERGY STAR Awards ceremony. For more information on these and other meetings, please visit the ENERGY STAR Partner Meetings page.

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