ENERGY STAR NextGen Certification for Commercial Buildings

NextGen Certified Buildings 2024 Empowering a Clean Energy Future

The Biden Administration has established a goal of achieving net-zero emissions, economy-wide, by 2050. Achieving this “decarbonization” goal will require increases in efficiency and renewable energy capacity, as well as a transition from fossil fuels to clean electricity.

Reflecting the role that buildings have to play in reaching that goal, ENERGY STAR NextGen™ represents the future of ENERGY STAR certification for commercial buildings. It will recognize energy-efficient, low-carbon buildings and will encourage the U.S. building stock to move towards efficient electrification while contributing to the growth of renewable energy.

Details of the Proposed ENERGY STAR NextGen Certification


EPA released a draft proposal and solicited comments from the public in February 2023. EPA plans to finalize the criteria for ENERGY STAR NextGen certification and make it available to U.S. commercial buildings in late 2023/early 2024.

ENERGY STAR Certification Will Remain Unchanged

EPA’s existing ENERGY STAR certification will remain available to commercial buildings that demonstrate superior energy performance.