ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Training Requirements

Verification Partner Training Requirements

Verification partners, including Raters and Field Inspectors, must individually complete ENERGY STAR Version 3 Rater Training through an Accredited Training Provider Exit ENERGY STAR. New Raters must take this training to become partners. EPA provides the following resources for Training Providers offering Version 3 Rater Training.

HVAC Contractor Credentialing Requirements

To be eligible to install HVAC equipment in homes certified under Version 3, HVAC contractors must be credentialed through an EPA–recognized industry organization. For information on working with ENERGY STAR certified homes as an HVAC contractor, please visit our HVAC contractors webpage.

EPA has also created short technical training videos about the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes HVAC requirements. Please visit our Videos page to access these resources.

Additional Educational Resources

EPA provides a number of additional educational resources, including links to the calendar of upcoming Webinars and information for HVAC contractors.

Looking for Training Requirements for ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction?

While not currently available, training specific to the Multifamily New Construction program for Raters, ASHRAE modelers, and Functional Testing Agents is under development. As those become available, they will be posted here. In addition, an online directory is being developed to identify those participants and Partners that have completed the training.