Use ENERGY STAR to Support Industrial Decarbonization

The goal of the ENERGY STAR program is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use. For over 20 years, the ENERGY STAR industrial program has partnered with industry to advance energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emission through:

  • ENERGY STAR Industrial PartnershipHelps companies build stronger energy management programs, which are key for decarbonization, through networking, coaching, and access to unique resources such as:
    • The Decarbonization Working Group
    • Corporate Decarbonization Assessment Tool
    • Partner Meetings and Seminars
  • Industrial Energy Performance Indicators (EPI). Enable companies to benchmark the energy efficiency of their plants against an entire industry. Benchmarking efficiency allows companies to evaluate the potential to reduce energy use and carbon, and set informed performance goals.
  • Industrial Sector Focuses. Provides a forum for discussing energy and decarbonization issues for selected industrial sectors.
  • Energy Guides. Identify energy efficiency and energy savings opportunities in manufacturing plants.
  • Recognition Programs. Celebrate success, increase the visibility of energy management, and build support for energy and decarbonization efforts. Recognition opportunities for manufacturers include: