Industrial service and product providers

ENERGY STAR partners work with industrial service and product providers (iSPPs) to gain assistance in energy services and/or with specialized energy-efficient products. ENERGY STAR partners who have teamed up with iSPPs have achieved significant energy and cost savings. To learn more on the application process, please click here and select "Service and Product Providers."

Industrial Service and Product Provider Directory

Use this directory to find industrial service and product providers that have completed succesful projects with ENERGY STAR industrial partners.

The directory features short Teaming Profile case studies developed jointly between the ENERGY STAR partner and iSPP.

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Teaming presentations

Many of the ENERGY STAR Partners and iSPPs identified in the Directory participate in ENERGY STAR networking meetings and present information on successful energy projects. The presentations provided below describe their work, including a company profile, project background, cost analysis, and savings.

These profiles and presentations are developed through a collaborative effort between the provider and customer.

If you are an ENERGY STAR industrial partner and would like to create a teaming profile or give a presentation to highlight your positive experience with an iSPP, please contact us at