Build an energy management program

Thousands of organizations use ENERGY STAR to help them build and improve their energy programs. Get on the road to improved savings. Follow the steps below to build an energy management system for continual energy savings.

Step one: Identify gaps

Put your energy program to the test. EPA developed simple assessment tools from the programs of ENERGY STAR partners to quickly identify energy management practices that may be missing. Decide which matrix fits you best and see how your program measures up through a simple gap analysis!  Watch the video to learn more about assessing your energy management practices.

Step two: Fill the gaps with energy management guidance

Every energy program has room to improve. The roadmap to improvement is the ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management. Read the guidelines to find ways to fill the gaps you identified.  The guidelines also connect you with targeted ENERGY STAR tools to meet your energy management needs.  Watch our Managing Energy Strategically video series and here how other companies use ENERGY STAR tools. Are you a small or medium manufacturer? EPA offers a toolkit just for you.

Step three: Build an energy team

A strong energy team is the core of an effective energy program. Teaming Up to Save Energy gives tips and guidance on forming a successful energy team. Watch the videos for more ideas on building energy teams across the company.

Step four: Raise awareness and engage sites

People are the heart of an energy program. Employees must be involved and support an energy program for it to have success. To build interest in energy efficiency and energy management, these tools can help raise awareness of the value of energy efficiency.

One of the most effective ways to engage employees and build site energy teams is by conducting an Energy Treasure Hunt.  In the process, you will also identify energy saving opportunities! 

Pursuing and earning recognition for improved energy performance is a great way to engage sites and raise awareness. ENERGY STAR offers industrial facilities two forms of recognition:

Step five: Advance your energy program

When the basics are in place, it is time to move energy management forward. Look to advance your energy program for help.