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Accreditation Body Resources

EPA-recognized accreditation bodies (ABs) provide accreditation for laboratories and certification bodies (CBs). ABs must be recognized by EPA to accredit laboratories. To accredit CBs, an AB must be a signatory to the International Accreditation Forum Multilateral Recognition Agreement (IAF MLA). ABs provide ongoing accreditation and auditing of both CBs and laboratories.


  • Accredit CBs and/or laboratories as per the ENERGY STAR recognition requirements PDF (41KB).
  • Audit CBs or laboratories for ongoing accreditation and compliance to the ENERGY STAR recognition requirements, and report results to EPA.
  • Keep track of new and revised product specifications and test procedures.

How to Apply for EPA Recognition (ABs accrediting laboratories only)

  1. Comply with Conditions and Criteria for Recognition of Accreditation Bodies PDF (41KB).
  2. Operate program in conformance with ISO/IEC 17011 Exit ENERGY STAR.
  3. Maintain status as an International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Mutual Recognition Agreement (ILAC MRA) Exit ENERGY STAR signatory.
  4. Train assessors on relevant ENERGY STAR specifications.
  5. Complete and sign the application PDF (357KB) for recognition of ABs.
  6. Submit quality management system documentation and signed application to Certification@energystar.gov.

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