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Site-Built Home Builders: Getting Started as a Partner

Committing to build energy-efficient homes makes good business sense and it's good for the environment. The short recorded presentation below provides an overview of how to become an ENERGY STAR builder partner.

How to Become an ENERGY STAR Builder Partner (recorded presentation) Power Point Presentation (13.7)

Ready to start? Follow these steps to learn how you can build and market ENERGY STAR certified homes:

Step 1:

Work with a local Home Energy Rater to ensure that your homes are designed and built to meet ENERGY STAR performance guidelines. Find a home energy rater.

Step 2:

Fill out an online Partnership Agreement, a simple form that explains the proper use of the ENERGY STAR name and mark.

Step 3:

Have your homes inspected and tested by your Home Energy Rater.

Step 4:

Affix the ENERGY STAR label on each certified home.

Step 5:

Use ENERGY STAR promotional materials and resources to gain market advantage for your energy-efficient homes.

Builder Testimonials

  • Our strategy is to continuously strive to provide the best value to our customers. Our partnership with ENERGY STAR exemplifies our commitment to building better functioning, healthier, and more responsibly built homes. The third party inspection and verification of our homes through the ENERGY STAR program ensures that our consumers receive the quality and performance they expect.

     - Meritage Homes
  • We are committed to delivering value to our customers. This commitment is a focus not only in the upfront purchase of the home, but also in the lifetime ownership costs for homeowners. Managing energy costs is a key aspect of our company's value focus and qualifying our homes for the ENERGY STAR label is the next logical step in this pursuit.

     - NVR, Inc.
  • We are fully committed to providing our customers with some of the most energy efficient, healthy homes in the marketplace. Over the past decade that we have participated in the ENERGY STAR program, we've integrated building science techniques into every home built so that they are more energy efficient and remain a great value to our customers. It's the right thing to do, and it's a smart business decision for our company. ENERGY STAR provides a foundation for an evolution of better American homes across the country.

     - Ashton Woods Homes
  • ENERGY STAR is based on sound building science principles that will enhance the energy efficiency and durability of the homes we build. We are sure that our homebuyers will appreciate the savings on utility bills, as well as improved comfort and quality.

     - KB Home
  • Our continued partnership with ENERGY STAR is a natural evolution for us. We have already built several thousand ENERGY STAR certified homes nationwide, with thousands more being built every year. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders and providing our homeowners with homes that meet their needs. Nowadays, this means that homeowners want to have energy efficient homes and to save money.

     - Beazer Homes