ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunt

During an Energy Treasure Hunt, teams walk around a facility looking for quick ways to save energy. Those quick fixes can add up to big savings. Hundreds of organizations have used Energy Treasure Hunts to reduce their facilities’ energy use by up to 15 percent. Are you and your crew ready to find the treasure buried within your facilities?


Follow the trail of hidden energy savings in your facility and discover energy treasure.

Be among the first to take part in EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Treasure Hunt campaign—a collaborative quest to uncover the ways to improve energy efficiency and reveal the untapped potential for energy savings in America’s commercial and industrial facilities. Submit a summary of your findings today!

Celebrate Energy Awareness Month by planning a Treasure Hunt

Between now and December 31, plan and host your energy Treasure Hunt using resources available at no-cost from EPA. Then, submit a summary of your savings to EPA’s cumulative “Treasure Chest” and earn recognition for your participation.

Participants will:

  • Be featured in a weekly email to ENERGY STAR stakeholders,
  • Receive a printable certificate noting their contributions, and
  • Be included in an EPA press release at the campaign’s conclusion.

Together, we’ll demonstrate what’s possible and inspire others to dig for their own hidden treasure.

To participate:

  • Organize your employee team of intrepid energy explorers using the ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunt Guide for Commercial Buildings or Industrial Plants.
  • Hunt for hidden gems of energy savings with an ENERGY STAR Treasure Map. Don’t forget to take pictures during your hunt! 
  • Track your progress and submit a summary of your findings by January 15, 2020. (Note that to be eligible for recognition, the treasure hunt must take place in 2019.)
  • Improve your building’s ENERGY STAR score and fill your treasure chest with gleaming energy savings.

Start planning your energy Treasure Hunt today!


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We are planning our @ENERGYSTAR Treasure Hunt to see what energy gold might be hidden in our building!

Join us as we dig for hidden energy savings during our @ENERGYSTAR Treasure Hunt.

We are proud to be among the hundreds of treasure-seeking organizations joining @ENERGYSTAR to find ways to save energy!


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