ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunt

During an Energy Treasure Hunt, teams walk around a facility looking for quick ways to save energy. Those quick fixes can add up to big savings. Are you and your crew ready to find the treasure buried within your facilities?

Treasure Hunt Video Collection

Watch these videos to see excerpts and learn tips from Treasure Hunts conducted in buildings and plants around the country.

  • Hunting for Energy Treasure at Honda

    Part I: Objectives, Expectations and Results

    In this video learn about what a Treasure Hunt is and hear what Honda hopes to get out of their upcoming hunt!

    Honda Treasure Hunt Video 1
  • Hunting for Energy Treasure at Honda

    Part II: Preparation & Forming Teams

    In this video learn how to form teams and see how Honda prepared for their Treasure Hunt.

    Honda Treasure Hunt Video 2
  • Hunting for Energy Treasure at Honda

    Part III: Kicking Off the Hunt

    In this video see how Treasure Hunts start off and watch the team at Honda on their first day of hunting for energy treasure!

    Honda Treasure Hunt Video 3
  • Hunting for Energy Treasure at Honda

    Part IV: Off Hours Hunting

    In this video witness how conducting part of the Treasure Hunt during during non-operating hours paid off for Honda.

    Honda Treasure Hunt Video 4
  • Hunting for Energy Treasure at Honda

    Part V: Operating Hours Hunting & Report Out

    In this video learn the importance of working with your Treasure Hunt teams to consolidate findings and watch the Honda teams present their results to management. 

    Honda Treasure Hunt Video 5

Treasure Hunt at St. Joseph Medical Center

Watch this video to see two teams scouring St. Joseph Medical Center and discovering more than $200,000 in potential savings.

Treasure Hunt at Nissan's Smyrna Auto Assembly Plant

Watch this video to see employees from several Nissan plants identify 17 opportunities and over $200,000 in annual savings in the Smyrna, TN Auto Asembly plant body shop.

Four Steps to Host a Treasure Hunt

New to Treasure Hunts? Watch this video to see the four main steps of an Energy Treasure Hunt.

Multifamily Building Instructional Video

Treasure Hunt Webinar

Image of Treasure Hunt Webinar

Watch this pre-recorded webinar to hear from two ENERGY STAR partners -- Atrium Health and Bimbo Bakeries -- that have used Treasure Hunts as a way to improve day-to-day operations. Plus get an overview of resources available from EPA to help your organization plan and host a successful Treasure Hunt.