ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunt

During an Energy Treasure Hunt, teams walk around a facility looking for quick ways to save energy. Those quick fixes can add up to big savings. Hundreds of organizations have used Energy Treasure Hunts to reduce their facilities' energy use by up to 15 percent. Are you and your crew ready to find the treasure buried within your facilities?


Energy savings (Source MMBtu)*


Cost savings (1000$)*


GHG avoided (Metric tons CO2e)*

Name: Amcor
Type: Pharmaceutical, food, and home-care products packaging supplier
Potential Savings: 2020: 5%

Name: Colgate-Palmolive
Type: Consumer products
Potential Savings: 2022: 5.3%, 2021: 6.0%; 2020: 5%; 2019: 9.6%...

Name: Sherwood Cass R-VIII School District
Type: High School

Name: Allergan
Type: Pharmaceutical manufacturing company
Potential Savings: 21%, 50%

Name: Columbia Association
Type: Property management organization
Total Treasure Hunts: 2020: 1; 2019: 1

Name: The Boeing Company
Type: Aircraft, satellite, and telecommunications manufacturing
Potential Savings: 2020: 10%; 2019: 6.3%, 7.3%, 7.4%, 10.4%, 17.9%,...

Name: Kilroy Realty Corporation
Type: Real Estate Investment Trust
Potential Savings: $20,300

Name: Lockheed Martin
Type: Aerospace, defense, and advanced technologies
Potential Savings: 2022: 8%, 2019: 12%...

Name: Nissan North America
Type: Automotive manufacturing and production
Potential Savings: 2022: 0.3%, 2019: 2.9%...

Name: Marathon Petroleum Corporation
Type: Petroleum refining, marketing, and transportation
Potential Savings: 12%

Name: General Motors
Type: Automotive manufacturing and production
Potential Savings: 2022: 6.5, 9.8%...; 2021: 2.7%, 9.0%...; 2020: 4.0%, 5.0%, 7.0%....; 2019: 10%, 9%, 18%...

Name: Raytheon Technologies
Type: Defense and cybersecurity
Potential Savings: 2022: 0.6; 2019: 2.7%...

Name: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Type: Biopharmaceutical
Potential Savings: $130,480

Name: HanesBrands, Inc
Type: Apparel and textile manufacturer and marketer
Potential Savings: Approximately $800,000

Name: CalPortland
Type: Building materials company
Potential Savings: 2%, 9%

Name: Parmenter Realty Partners
Type: Real estate investment, management, and development
Potential Savings: $229,838

Name: Celanese Corporation
Type: Global technology and specialty materials
Potential Savings: $15,000; $9,000; $10,000

Name: Cambridge Health Alliance
Type: Healthcare company
Potential Savings: $195,000

Name: Wyndham Desert Blue
Type: Hotel
Potential Savings: $44,500

Name: The Catholic University of America
Type: University
Potential Savings: $36,200

Name: Eastman
Type: Specialty Chemical Company
Potential Savings: 0.1%

Name: Intertape Polymer Group
Type: Adhesive Tape and Stretch Wrap Plastic Manufacturing
Potential Savings: 2022: 2%; 2020: 23%, 4%; 2019: 1%...

Name: LeMaitre Vascular, Inc.
Type: Medical device manufacturer
Potential Savings: 23%

Name: City of Scappoose
Type: Municipal wastewater treatment facility
Potential Savings: $12,680

Name: AMLI Residential
Type: Residential
Potential Savings: $7,880

Name: Johnson & Johnson - Ethicon
Type: Medical devices manufacturer
Potential Savings: 23%, 16%

Name: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Type: Automobile manufacturer
Potential Savings: 2021: 25.04%, 6.7%; 2020: 6.63%, 15.91%,...

Name: CEMEX Inc.
Type: Building materials company
Potential Savings: 2.49%, 0.14%, 1%, 1%

Name: Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc.
Type: Bakery product manufacturer
Potential Savings: 3.08%, 4.5%, 3%, 7.2%, 2.85%, 1.08%, 3.03%, 2.13%, 2.45%, 1%, 2.13%, 1.85%

Name: Eli Lilly and Company
Type: Pharmaceutical company
Potential Savings: 5.1%, 4.1%

Name: Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
Type: Automobile company
Potential Savings: 5%

Name: Bozzuto Management Company
Type: Real estate
Potential Savings: $10,190

Name: Georgia-Pacific
Type: Pulp and paper company
Potential Savings: 15%

Name: Ozinga
Type: Construction company
Potential Savings: 2.48%, 2.11%, 0.65%, 2.71%, 2.72%, 4.02%, 1.44%, 4.29%, 2.81%, 2.77%, 1.88%, 2.84%, 6.24%

Name: WorldMark by Wyndham
Type: Hotel
Potential Savings: $15,860

Name: TreeHouse Foods
Type: Food processing company
Potential Savings: 13%, 17%, 2%, 4%, 6%, 2%, 1%, 9%, 11%, 2%, 4%, 3%, 6%, 2%, 22%, 8%, 9%, 4%, 3%, 6%, 14%, 16%, 4%, 17%

Company Name: Flex
Type of Company: Electrical equipment manufacturing
Potential Savings: 5%

Name: G&W Electric
Type: Electrical equipment manufacturing
Potential Savings: 2022: 1.0%, 2020: 5.0%...

Company Name: Transcendia
Type of Company: Plastic film production

Company Name: Viant Medical
Type of Company: Medical device manufacturing

Name: Koch Foods
Type: Poultry packing
Potential Savings: 2022: 3.2%, 2020: 5.0%... 

Company Name: McCook Cold Storage

Type of Company: Cold storage

Company Name: Ed Miniat
Type of Company: Meat packing

Company Name: Nation Pizza
Type of Company: Frozen pizza production

Company Name: Nestle Beverages
Type of Company: Beverage production

Company Name: Rana Meal Solutions
Type of Company: Pasta production

Name: Van Drunen Farms
Company: Freeze drying
Potential Savings: 2022: 13.1%, 2020: 5.0%...

Organization Name: Lewisville Independent School District
Type of Company: Education
Potential Savings: 2021:  0.1%, 0.2%, 0.2%, etc.; 2020:  0.2%, 0.4%, 0.6%...

Organization Name: City of the Dalles Treatment Plant
Type of Company: Wastewater Treatment Plant

Organization Name: DuPage County Department of Public Works
Type of Company: Wastewater treatment plant

Organization Name: Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District
Type of Organization: Wastewater treatment plant

Organization Name: Lake In The Hills Sanitary District
Type of Organization: Wastewater treatment plant

Organization Name: North Shore Water Reclamation District
Type of Organization: Wastewater treatment plant

Organization Name: Saratoga County Sewer District
Type of Organization: Wastewater treatment plant

Organization Name: City of Auburn, NY Water Filtration Plant
Type of Company: Wastewater filtration plant
Potential Savings: 2021:  8.1%; 2020:  7.8%...

Organization Name: Washington County Sewer District #2
Type of Organization: Wastewater treatment plant

Name: Town of Orangetown Sewer District #2
Type: Wastewater treatment plant
Potential Savings: 5.0%

Organization Name: Rockland County Sewer District #1
Type of Organization: Wastewater treatment plant

Name: Stellantis
Type: Automobile manufacturing
Potential Savings: 2021: 11.21%, 7.87%

Company Name: Kongsberg Automotive
Type of Company: Automotive manufacturing facility
Potential Savings: 2021:  5.0%, 9.4%...

Name: Adient
Type: Automotive Seat Assembly
Potential Savings: 2021:  0.0002%, .0003%...

Name: Dot Foods
Type: Refrigerated warehouse
Potential Savings: 2021: 9.3%...

Name: SPX Flow
Type: Agitator manufacturing
Potential Savings: 2021:  7.9%, 15.2%...

Name: Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY)
Potential Savings:
2021:  14.6%...

Name: Samuel, Son & Co.
Type: Metals processing, etc.
Potential Savings: 2021:  8.8%, 12.4%, 29.6%...

Name: United Natural Foods (UNFI)
Type: Refrigerated Warehouse
Potential Savings: 2022: 11.3%, 2021:  7.0%...

Name: Continental Tire The Americas, LLC
Type: Manufacturing of passenger and light truck tires.
Potential Savings: 2021:  3.0%...

Name: Erie County Division of Sewerage Management
Type: Wastewater Treatment Plant
Potential Savings: 2021:  16.2%...

Name: South Essex Sewerage District
Type: Wastewater Treatment Plant
Potential Savings: 2021:  2.5%

Name: Town of Rockland, MA Wastewater Treatment Plant
Type: Wastewater Treatment Plant
Potential Savings: 2021:  2.9%...

Name: City of East Providence, RI Wastewater Treatment Plant
Type: Wastewater Treatment Plant
Potential Savings: 2021:  1.9%...

Name: Narragansett Bay Commission
Type: Wastewater Treatment Plant
Potential Savings: 2021:  1.4%, 1.8%...

Name: Bartell Machinery Systems
Type: Machinery manufacturing
Potential Savings: 6.3%

Name: Ajinomoto
Type: Refrigerated Warehouse
Potential Savings: 7.4%

Name: Costco
Type: Refrigerated Warehouse
Potential Savings: 1%

Name: Great Lakes CocaCola
Type: Refrigerated Warehouse
Potential Savings: 1%

Name: Land O Frost
Type: Refrigerated Warehouse
Potential Savings: 8.2%

Name: Lineage Logistics
Type: Refrigerated Warehouse
Potential Savings: 22.7%

Name: Miracapo Pizza
Type: Refrigerated Warehouse
Potential Savings: 1.9%

Name: Summit
Type: Refrigerated Warehouse
Potential Savings: 13.1%

Name: Urban Farmer
Type: Refrigerated Warehouse
Potential Savings: 20.4%

Name: Walmart
Type: Refrigerated Warehouse
Potential Savings: 18.4%

Name: Agrati
Type: Metal Products
Potential Savings: 4.9%

Name: Deluxe Check Printers
Type: Printing
Potential Savings: 5%

Name: GE Healthcare
Type: Medical Device
Potential Savings: 1%

Name: Jabil
Type: Electronics
Potential Savings: 1%

Name: Nemera
Type: Medical Products
Potential Savings: 2.7%

Name: Toyal America
Type: Chemicals
Potential Savings: 7.7%

Name: Hexion
Type: Chemicals
Potential Savings: 40%