Why We Certify Our Plants

What are the benefits of certifying your plants? Hear from the companies and plants themselves.

Joanna Bambeck, Honda

"Earning ENERGY STAR certifications are important since it is way to validate the continued efforts of Honda employees in reducing energy usage at our manufacturing plants and office buildings."

~Joanna Bambeck, Environmental Manager
Honda of America Manufacturing

Maria Isabella Echeverri

“Certification demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and validates our practices in energy management.”

~María Isabel Echeverri, Legal and Sustainability Vice President
Argos Cement

Nissan Energy Team Photo

Nissan USA Energy Team

“We have made earning ENERGY STAR certification a goal for our energy program. The process of benchmarking our plants with the ENERGY STAR Energy Performance Indicators allows our energy team to show our performance versus competitors; and certification validates our performance to management and our stakeholders.”

~Chris Goddard, Environmental and Energy Engineering Manager
Nissan North America

More Reasons to Earn ENERGY STAR Certification

ENERGY STAR certified buildings and plants are good for the environment and good for the bottom line. Watch the "Top 5 Reasons to Get ENERGY STAR Certification for Your Building or Plant" video below.