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CB Specification Technical Assistance

EPA offers technical assistance to certification bodies (CBs) regarding ENERGY STAR product specifications. Frequently asked questions are available as a first resource for CBs. General questions about certification should be directed to Certification@energystar.gov. Questions about specific ENERGY STAR requirements should be directed to the technical leads listed for the corresponding specifications.

Product Specifications Categories


Product Specification Contact information for Questions about Specification CB Trainings
Clothes Dryers Appliances@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR Residential Clothes Dryers V1.0 CB Training (June 2, 2014) PDF (467KB)
Clothes Washers Appliances@energystar.gov
Dishwashers Appliances@energystar.gov
Refrigerators and Freezers Appliances@energystar.gov

Heating and Cooling

Boilers Boilers@energystar.gov
Central Air Conditioners and Air Source Heat Pumps cacashp@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR CAC/ASHP V5.0 and Draft Directive CB Training (March 3, 2015) PDF (200KB)
Commercial Water Heaters Commercialwaterheaters@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR Commercial Water Heaters V1.0 CB Training (February 7, 2013) PDF (354KB)
Connected Thermostats ConnectedThermostats@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR Connected Thermostats V1.0 CB Training Webinar (January 5, 2017) PDF (501KB)
Dehumidifiers Dehumidifiers@energystar.gov
Furnaces Furnaces@energystar.gov
Geothermal Heat Pumps GHPs@energystar.gov
Light Commercial HVAC LCHVAC@energystar.gov
Room Air Conditioners Appliances@energystar.gov
Room Air Cleaners and Purifiers RoomAirCleaners@energystar.gov
Residential Water Heaters waterheaters@energystar.gov

Commercial Food Service

Commercial Coffee Brewers commercialcoffeebrewers@energystar.gov
Commercial Dishwashers CommercialDishwashers@energystar.gov
Commercial Fryers commercialfoodservice@energystar.gov
Commercial Griddles CommercialGriddles@energystar.gov
Commercial Hot Food Holding Cabinets commercialfoodservice@energystar.gov
Commercial Ice Machines IceMachines@energystar.gov
Commercial Ovens CommercialOvens@energystar.gov
Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers CommercialRefrigeration@energystar.gov
Commercial Steam Cookers commercialfoodservice@energystar.gov

Electronics and Office Equipment

Audio/Video Equipment AudioVideo@energystar.gov
Computers Computers@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR Computers V6.0 CB Training (November 21, 2013) PDF (1.4MB)
Data Center Storage Storage@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR Data Center Storage V1.0 CB Training (August 14, 2013) PDF (619KB)
Displays Displays@energystar.gov
Enterprise Servers Servers@energystar.gov
Imaging Equipment ImagingEquipment@energystar.gov
Large Network Equipment largenetwork@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR Large Network Equipment V1.0 CB Training (January 7, 2016) PDF (557KB)
Set-top Boxes and Cable Boxes STBs@energystar.gov
Small Network Equipment Networking@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR Small Networking Equipment V1.0 CB Training (August, 21, 2013) PDF (582KB)
Telephony Telephony@energystar.gov
Televisions Televisions@energystar.gov
Uninterruptible Power Supplies UPS@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR Uninterruptible Power Supplies V1.0 CB Training (May 31, 2012) PDF (1MB)

Lighting and Fans

Decorative Light Strings DecorativeLightStrings@energystar.gov
Ceiling Fans CeilingFans@energystar.gov
Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) Spec sunset (9/30/14). Send all inquiries to Lamps@energystar.gov.
Integral LED Lamps Spec sunset (9/30/14). Send all inquiries to Lamps@energystar.gov.
Lamps Lighting@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR Lighting CB & LAB Training Webinar (June 17, 2016) PDF (2.5MB)

ENERGY STAR Lighting CB & LAB Training Webinar (June 17, 2016) (Video)

ENERGY STAR Lamps CB Webinar (April 16, 2015) PDF (220KB)

ENERGY STAR Lighting CB Webinar (April 4, 2014) PDF (405KB)

ENERGY STAR Lamps V1.0 CB Training (November 20, 2013) PDF (932KB)
Luminaires (including Certified Subcomponents) Lighting@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR Lighting CB & LAB Training Webinar (June 17, 2016) PDF (2.5MB)

ENERGY STAR Lighting CB & LAB Training Webinar (June 17, 2016) (Video)

ENERGY STAR Lighting Verification Testing Webinar (December 15, 2015) PDF (296KB)

ENERGY STAR Luminaires V2.0 Final Specification Webinar (June 5, 2015) PDF (2MB)

ENERGY STAR Luminaires V1.0 CB Training (April 26, 2011) PDF (1.3MB)

ENERGY STAR TM-28 Calculator XLS (102KB)

ENERGY STAR TM-21 Calculator XLS (110KB)
Ventilating Fans VentilatingFans@energystar.gov

Home Building Materials

Roof Products Roofs@energystar.gov
Windows Doors Skylights Windows@energystar.gov


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment evse@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR EVSE V1.0 CB Training Webinar (January 12, 2017) PDF (1.3MB)
Laboratory Grade Refrigerators and Freezers labgraderefrigeration@energystar.gov
Pool Pumps Poolpumps@energystar.gov ENERGY STAR Pool Pumps V1.0 CB Training (January 29, 2013) PDF (348KB)
Vending Machines VendingMachines@energystar.gov
Water Coolers WaterCoolers@energystar.gov