3. Producing and Installing ENERGY STAR Certified Manufactured Homes

Once a plant has been certified, it can proceed to produce and install ENERGY STAR certified homes based on the designs approved during the certification process. This is a simple, four-step process that builds directly on the knowledge and expertise developed during the plant certification process.

Requirement 1: Manufacture and Inspect Homes in the Plant

The Plant Production Staff ensure that the plant manufactures ENERGY STAR certified homes in accordance with the designs created during the plant certification process. The homes are inspected by the plant’s third-party inspection agency. Plant quality control (QC) personnel use the new information in the plant’s quality control manual to check all ENERGY STAR QC issues, particularly duct systems.

Requirement 2: Install and Inspect Homes in the Field

The Plant Representative (e.g., the factory field representative or retailer) uses the site installation checklist (sample) PDF (70KB) developed during the plant certification process to monitor set-up. Non-compliance items are fixed on site. Following installation, the representative reviews and verifies the items on the site installation checklist, signs it, and returns a copy to the plant. The plant must maintain copies of all signed installation checklists. The site installation checklist must be completed, signed by the plant representative and returned to the plant in order for the home to be an ENERGY STAR certified home. For more information on proper installation of ENERGY STAR certified manufactured homes visit the Systems Building Research Alliance (SBRA) Exit ENERGY STAR Web site containing a guide for retailers with instructions for installers and HVAC contractors.

ENERGY STAR labelRequirement 3: Affix the ENERGY STAR Label and the Quality Assured Label

The Plant Representative or Plant Field Representative ensures that both an EPA-issued ENERGY STAR label and a Quality Assurance Provider (QAP)-issued label are affixed and used appropriately on the home. Both labels should be placed adjacent to the HUD Data Plate or inside the electric panel cover of the home. The EPA label functions as a certification mark for compliance with EPA’s ENERGY STAR energy efficiency guidelines. The QAP label certifies that the home was built and installed under an EPA-approved QAP’s quality assurance program. The EPA label can be obtained from EPA or from the plant’s QAP.

The plant has two options for affixing these labels to the home. In all cases, it is the plant’s responsibility to ensure that all homes receiving these labels meet ENERGY STAR guidelines when installed in their final location.

Quality Assurance Provider (QAP)-issued labelIf the plant has a commitment from its retailer or installer to properly install ENERGY STAR certified homes, then the plant may affix the labels in the factory after Requirement 1 (Manufacture and Inspect Homes in the Plant). The plant may provide the labels to their field representative who completes the site installation checklist and affixes the labels to the home.

In either case, once the site installation checklist is completed, the field representative signs and dates the quality assured label and returns the completed and signed checklist to the manufacturer.

Requirement 4: Conduct Periodic Field Evaluations to Verify Performance

The Manufactured Housing Certifier ensures that the homes are performing as designed., A plant must at all times retain an accredited Certifier responsible for conducting field evaluations on no less than 2 percent (2%) of its ENERGY STAR certified homes sold and installed on a homeowner’s site or a minimum of one home each calendar year, whichever is greater. The plant’s Certifier is responsible for coordinating the quality control testing.

If the plant fails to conduct this field verification it may be de-certified under ENERGY STAR’s policy for plant de-certification. The plant’s Certifier or the Quality Assurance Provider may rescind a plant’s ENERGY STAR certification if they determine that the plant is not in conformance with the rules, or is compromising the integrity, of the ENERGY STAR label.

Change in Plant Status

After a plant becomes certified to produce ENERGY STAR certified homes, it is listed on EPA’s Partner Locator as an active partner. To maintain its active status, partner plants must label at least one home within any consecutive 12-month period starting with the date the Partnership Agreement is submitted to EPA. If 12 months elapse without the plant labeling its next ENERGY STAR certified home, the partner’s status is changed to “inactive.” Active status and re-listing on the EPA web site is automatically restored when the plant resumes production and reporting of ENERGY STAR certified homes. Plants should report their ENERGY STAR production data to their QAP. The QAP is responsible for submitting the plant’s ENERGY STAR production data to EPA.

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* Plants in the Pacific Northwest will use a QAP label provided by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA).