Resources by Audience

Below you will find resources specific to the various types of people and organizations that make up the ENERGY STAR program for commercial buildings. The information contained here complements the key information and resources available in our benchmark, save energy, and earn recognition sections. Can't find what you are looking for? Try browsing our resources by topic or our FAQs.

Solution Providers

A few business people in a meeting

Service and Product Providers

Leverage ENERGY STAR to help your clients save energy.

A licensed professional at work

Licensed Professionals

Verify applications for ENERGY STAR recognition.

Energy Influencers

A utility meter

Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors

Maximize result of your C&I Programs with help from ENERGY STAR.

Two policymakers in a conversation


Find guidance and support for commercial building energy policies.

Energy Users


Building Owners and Managers

Reduce your building’s energy use, utility bills, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Interior of an office building

Office Tenants

Save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and earn recognition.

A small business owner standing in the doorway of her store.

Small Businesses

Use our free tools and resources to help you cut your energy costs.

The interior of a house of worship.


Find resources and energy-saving guidance specifically for houses of worship.

A building on a college campus

Colleges and Universities

Find resources and energy-saving guidance specifically for higher education.

An apartment or condo building

Multifamily Housing

Use our energy- and water-saving tools specifically for apartment and condo buildings.

A smaller ENERGY STAR office building

Small/Medium Offices

Find resources and energy-saving guidance specifically for small and mid-sized offices.

The interior of an industrial plant

Industrial Plants

Learn how to strategically manage your plant’s energy use and control costs.

kids in chalk earth lesson
Find resources and energy-saving guidance specifically for K-12 schools.
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