Utilities and Program Sponsors

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Around the country, utilities and energy efficiency program sponsors are ramping up their energy savings goals. Meeting these goals in the C&I market means refocusing the customer relationship around continuous, whole building energy efficiency improvement — not just motivating customers to undertake one energy efficiency upgrade. Leading energy efficiency program sponsors have integrated ENERGY STAR into C&I program delivery using tools and resources from EPA.

Why Use ENERGY STAR in C&I Programs?

ENERGY STAR offers a proven strategy for C&I energy management, and simple energy performance metrics that motivate efficiency improvement.

Get Started with ENERGY STAR

Join the ENERGY STAR partnership and leverage the resources and partner network to enhance your program offerings and engage your customer base.

Sponsors Guide to ENERGY STAR for Commercial Programs 

Adopt the key elements of successful building performance programs. Provide your C&I customers with no-cost tools to help them improve whole building energy performance and their bottom line.

For program sponsors who have many of these program elements in place, and are ready to take their efforts to the next level, learn more about Building Performance with ENERGY STAR

Industrial Energy Efficiency Resources

ENERGY STAR tools and resources are available to assist states and utilities in working with manufacturers on improving energy efficiency, developing stronger energy efficiency programs, and promoting industrial energy performance improvement.


Build the skills of staff and your trade allies to grow participation in your programs. Leverage training materials to help your customers adopt energy-efficient operational practices.

Marketing and Communications

Leverage the ENERGY STAR brand to build credibility and increase recognition of your programs. Adapt existing materials to enhance your program marketing campaign and co-brand your outreach materials with ENERGY STAR.

What Others Are Doing

Build upon proven best practices and the successes of other ENERGY STAR partners to design targeted and effective C&I energy efficiency programs.

Portfolio Manager Web Services

Utilities can facilitate continuous tracking of energy performance metrics by using Portfolio Manager web services.

Stay up to date on what's going on! Check out the latest ENERGY STAR Buildings and Plants news relevant to Program Sponsors.

Utilities, want to provide whole-building data? Learn how! Join the Data Access Network!
Learn more about Building Performance with ENERGY STAR for Commercial Buildings
Commercial and industrial program sponsors