Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors

Energy efficiency program sponsors (EEPS) around the country are working to help their customers save energy and money in the operation of their commercial properties and industrial plants. Recognizing that these customers have different challenges and needs to address, EPA offers a range of tools and resources through ENERGY STAR to help EEPS offer proven solutions to drive energy performance improvement in buildings.

To help you support your commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, EPA can help you:

  • Integrate ENERGY STAR tools and resources into the delivery of “traditional” C&I program streams.
  • Use benchmarking as a key point of engagement with C&I customers.
  • Prioritize continuous, whole-building energy efficiency improvement as a means of driving deeper savings, as well as customer engagement and satisfaction.

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link to Prescriptive Equipment Program Solutions page

Align your prescriptive equipment solutions with ENERGY STAR certified products for commercial buildings. 

link to Custom Program Solutions page

Learn more about integrating ENERGY STAR measures that may not fit within existing ENERGY STAR certified product categories, such as data centers and new construction.

link to Comprehensive Whole-Building Solutions page

Leverage EPA resources to implement a whole-building, strategic approach to energy management that can drive performance improvements and long-term savings.

link to Sector-Specific and Targeted Program Solutions page

Use ENERGY STAR resources to provide sector-specific solutions for challenges faced across different industries.

Training Opportunites

Promote ENERGY STAR training materials to help your staff and trade allies grow program participation and learn about ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

Data Access and Benchmarking

Understand and navigate the process for designing and deploying customer-facing Data Access and Benchmarking Solutions


The ENERGY STAR Brand Book provides guidance and ideas on how your organization can effectively use the ENERGY STAR brand. If your organization is an ENERGY STAR partner, you can access downloadable logo files through My ENERGY STAR Account (MESA)