Office Tenants

Sustainability starts with energy efficiency

If your organization is like most, you have a sustainability policy. But did you know that the energy used in your space is likely to be the biggest contributor to your environmental footprint?

That’s why occupying energy-efficient space is one of the most important ways to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to sustainability to your employees, clients, and customers.

Enhance your reputation and your bottom line

The benefits of leasing energy-efficient space go beyond reputational enhancement. How much money would you save if your energy costs were just 10 percent lower? For a 50,000-square-foot-lease, a 10 percent savings could easily mean an extra $10,000 available for advancing your mission.

Further, various studies suggest that employees are more comfortable and productive when working in green, efficient environments.

Learn how to improve energy efficiency at every step in the leasing process

As a tenant, you have the power to make a difference when you select a space, in the build-out process, and during occupancy. Click on the sections below to learn how.

Find Green Space

Find Green Space

Starting your new lease in an efficient, green building lets you hit the ground running toward your sustainability goals—and your employees will thank you.

Build Out for Top Performance

Build Out for Top Performance

You only get one chance to build it right. Take advantage of the build-out phase to make your space as efficient and cost effective as possible, in order to reap benefits throughout the lease term.

Occupy Space Efficiently

Occupy Space Efficiently

Save energy, save money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Don’t miss out on these benefits of efficiency, no matter how much space you lease.

ENERGY STAR Tenant Space

ENERGY STAR Tenant Space logo

ENERGY STAR Tenant Space is a new EPA recognition for sustainability efforts in your leased office space. Energy efficient office spaces can lead to lower utility bills and fewer greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Does your organization lease office space within a multi-tenant building?