EPA’s ENERGY STAR NextGen™ Certified Homes and Apartments program is designed to inspire both home builders and home buyers and demonstrate that it’s possible to build the homes that we need for tomorrow, today. The new certification builds on the 25-year foundation of the ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction program, through which more than 2.3 million energy-efficient new homes and apartments have been certified to date.

All homes and apartments that earn ENERGY STAR NextGen certification must be independently verified to include these key features:

1. Highly energy-efficient construction that meets ENERGY STAR’s most rigorous requirements

ENERGY STAR NextGen certified homes and apartments meet the most advanced versions of the core ENERGY STAR New Construction program requirements, which means they are at least 10% more energy-efficient than homes and apartments built in states that have adopted the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code and deliver a 20% improvement or more in states where older versions of the code are enforced.

2. A multi-speed ENERGY STAR certified connected heat pump

ENERGY STAR certified heat pumps are more efficient than furnaces or boilers and serve double duty by providing both heating and cooling, making this clean technology usable year-round. Multi-stage or variable speed technology delivers more even and consistent temperatures for greater comfort and performance.

3. An ENERGY STAR certified connected heat pump water heater

Water heaters typically account for about 20% of a home’s energy use. That’s why ENERGY STAR NextGen certified homes and apartments include an ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heater, which is up to four times more efficient and uses 70% less energy than a standard model.

4. An electric cooktop and oven

Electric cooktops and ovens eliminate the emissions of indoor air pollutants associated with gas combustion, including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide, and contribute to a healthier indoor living environment. Optional induction cooktops have precise temperature control, boil water quickly, and have cooktop surfaces that remain cool to the touch, making them easier to clean.

5. Electric vehicle charging capability

With the steady increase of electric vehicles on the roads in the United States, preparing for an electric transportation future is just smart. Every ENERGY STAR NextGen certified home or building comes wired and ready for an ENERGY STAR certified EV charger.

A more detailed look at the ENERGY STAR NextGen technical specifications can be found at www.energystar.gov/NextGenRequirements.

For more information, please contact: energystarhomes@energystar.gov.