ENERGY STAR Challenge Participant Story

Woburn Housing Authority
Woburn, Massachusetts
Date Joined: September 14, 2009

Woburn Housing Authority, Woburn Massachusetts is responsible for the management and maintenance of 515 Low income family and elderly public housing units in the City of Woburn Massachusetts.


With the ever rising costs of fuel and water here are a few upgrades that the Housing authority has done in the past 2 years to help save in energy costs by becoming more energy efficient.


1) The Authority has installed 7 new high efficiency boilers in one of our

100 unit Family public housing developments with a $30,000 savings in fuel costs the 1st year and a $30,750 Rebate from the utility Company.


2) In one of our 100 unit elderly high rises we have replaced 125 Windows and 76 Sliding doors with ENERGY STAR Rated products. With a large return on investment expected do to the fact that the windows were 30 years old and the building has electric heat.


3) In the Parking lot of one of our Elderly Developments we have replaced 12 250 Watt Acorn style pole light fixtures with 150 watt MH type fixtures and received a $700 Rebate from the utility company.


4) Working with the Department of Housing and Urban Development the housing

Authority secured a grant for 100 new ADA Compliant Low flow toilets and 1.5 gallon shower heads they are to be installed in one of our 100 unit elderly

Buildings; which will be a large savings in water and sewer costs due to the ever rising costs associated with water systems.


5) We have just finished the installation on a new indirect hot water system in our 45 unit high rise elderly building with a new Turbomax 109A which has a patented technology heat transfer efficiency rating of 99%


6) The Housing Authority Working Closely with the local Gas Utility Company secured free of charge 45 new gas furnaces and 45 new hot water tanks that were installed in one of our Family duplex style developments. We changed over from an older inefficient oil furnace and hot water tank to ENERGY STAR RATED gas Condensing furnaces and gas condensing hot water tanks.

Contact Information:
Tom Maher
781-935-0818 (phone) (email)