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Lighting and Appliance Upgrades

Every year, construction is started on roughly 1.3 million new home that will require 1800 megawatts of connected load for lighting alone. If just 10 percent of these homes installed ENERGY STAR labeled fixtures instead of standard fixtures, 99,700 KW and 88,900,000 kWh could be saved.

Despite significant savings potential, installing incandescent lighting continues to be standard practice in residential new construction. Promoting ENERGY STAR lighting for new construction is an area of increased interest and focus for EPA.

  • As the number of ENERGY STAR homes grows, in addition to increases in state building codes, total home energy use decreases. As total energy use falls, lighting accounts for a higher percentage of residential energy use.
  • Advancing lighting into new construction will take lighting into new distribution channels: lighting showrooms, specialty stores, and lighting wholesale distributors.
  • Demand from builders will drive the design and manufacturing of new fixture designs, opening up new opportunities for homeowners.
  • New construction and renovation are significant opportunities to bundle technologies, appliances, lighting, insulation, et cetera

However, understanding and influencing the local market requires some long-term thinking and commitment on the part of program managers. EPA is interested in pilot testing new approaches with interested utilities and regional energy efficiency program sponsors. The following resources provide background on the new construction lighting industry.

ENERGY STAR Guide for Residential New Construction Programs Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (2MB).

This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the residential new construction industry and provides step-by-step insights into designing and effective residential new construction lighting program.

ENERGY STAR Labeled Light Fixtures Builders' Kit.

This non-technical guide, which is intended for use after new construction programs are designed, introduces builders to ENERGY STAR qualifying fixtures and the concept of the “Lighting Upgrade” The kit contains:

  • Sales sheets for educating home buyers on the advantages of ENERGY STAR labeled fixtures.
  • Press clippings about ENERGY STAR .
  • A section for the manufacturer to insert qualifying product literature.

To obtain a copy of this guide, please contact:

Meghan Hoye
ICF Consulting
(703) 934-3089

If you are interested in pilot testing a residential new construction lighting program in cooperation with EPA contact:

David Shiller
(202) 343-9397