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Benchmark Your Data Center’s Energy Efficiency

Compare your data center nationally

2016 ENERGY STAR Certified Building decal

Benchmark your data center1 in Portfolio Manager—EPA’s interactive energy management tool—by inputting a year’s worth of monthly IT and total building energy use, so you can:

  • Compare their data center’s energy efficiency to others. Portfolio Manager generates a score from 1–100 relative to hundreds of other data centers nationwide.2
  • Earn ENERGY STAR Recognition. With a score of 75 your data center earns the ENERGY STAR certified building designation. View a list of data centers that have been certified.
  • Estimate their data center’s carbon footprint. Portfolio Manager calculates your building's greenhouse gas emissions – including carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide – consistent with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
  • Track and report progress at their data center. Portfolio Manager allows you to examine data center energy use over time, evaluate savings from retrofit measures, and generates a Statement of Energy Performance (SEP) report.

What do you want to do next?

  • Learn more about Portfolio Manager and how it works
  • Check out our frequently asked technical questions
  • Contact us directly for technical support at energystar.gov/BuildingsHelp

1 Server closets or computer training rooms are not considered data center space. At least 50% of the building's gross floor area (excluding parking lots and garages) must be data center to meet the data center building type. Please review general and mixed used building type eligibility requirements.

2 A score of 50 indicates that your data center performs better than 50% data centers nationwide.