Service Providers That Exchange Data with Portfolio Manager via Web Services

The companies listed below can electronically enter your utility and/or property data into Portfolio Manager, and sync your data and ENERGY STAR metrics with their energy information software. They do this through a process called Web Services where they “exchange data” between their systems and Portfolio Manager. This limits the manual data entry that you need to handle, and ensures that updated ENERGY STAR metrics are available when and where you need them! This helps you to focus on managing your buildings, not your data. Some organizations below offer this service for free, while others integrate it into their fee-based software or other value-added services.

NOTE: The list below is limited to software companies, consultants, and other non-utility providers of Portfolio Manager web services. If you’re interested in understanding which utilities across the country are offering access to data for benchmarking via web services, please use our interactive map to find utilities that provide energy data for benchmarking.  

This list shows Web Services activity for the past 12 months, updated quarterly.

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Provider Name Service or Software Product Using Web Services Contact Person Number of Properties Benchmarked
in the Last 12 Months 1
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1Benchmarked properties represent the number of properties that have obtained an ENERGY STAR energy performance score and/or energy use intensity metric through an exchange of data via EPA’s Portfolio Manager web services. Benchmarked properties located in Canada are not included in the totals. For information on Canadian benchmarking, please contact: Arlene Wilson,​

If you are a current Portfolio Manager user, your data can be exchanged with any of these listed services and software to consolidate your energy and property information.

Are you a commercial energy services provider interested in exchanging data with Portfolio Manager? Learn More.