ENERGY STAR industrial partnership

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"Using ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy reduction has really helped our Boeing program. It starts by each member making a commitment to reduce energy use. We discovered when we joined that a lot of peer companies we look up to were already ENERGY STAR partners," Keith Warner, Environmental and Utilities Service Manager, The Boeing Company

Many manufacturers, including well recognized companies within their industries, are ENERGY STAR partners. Why do they join? Here are some of the reasons they participate.

  1. To review their energy programs with world class companies in a non-competitive environment and to engage in a large network of experienced, corporate energy managers.
  2. To build energy awareness and a strong energy culture throughout their companies.
  3. To align their energy programs with ENERGY STAR, the most recognized symbol of energy efficiency.
  4. To boost support for energy management among employees and senior management.

To learn more about how some have benefited, read success stories in industrial energy and Partner of the Year Profiles in Leadership.

Joining ENERGY STAR is easy. Use the links on this page to get started!

ENERGY STAR rep and partner shaking hands

Chandler Milhollin, EPA ENERGY STAR and Mike Younis, Georgia Pacific ENERGY STAR Partner at 2019 ENERGY STAR Annual Meeting.