Purchase energy-saving products

Purchasing efficient products reduces energy costs without compromising quality for corporations, institutions, and governments. Take the steps outlined below to learn more about ENERGY STAR certified products and specify them in your purchasing policies and contracts.

Step 1: Modify your Procurement Language

Specify ENERGY STAR products quickly and easily. All products that earn the ENERGY STAR are certified by independent organizations to ensure that they deliver the energy savings promised by the label. The following single clause in a contract is all that is needed:

The Vendor Must:
Provide products that earn the ENERGY STAR and meet the ENERGY STAR specifications for energy efficiency. The vendor is encouraged to visit energystar.gov for complete product specifications and updated lists of qualifying products.

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  • Federal agencies should use the FAR clause 52.223-15 Energy Efficiency in Energy-Consuming Products in all applicable contracts and solicitations.

Step 2: Educate your Vendors and Personnel

Institutions have a wide range of purchasing options. Therefore, organizations should educate purchasing agents, upper management, and key stakeholders about their ENERGY STAR purchasing requirements, savings benefits, and available mechanisms for making these purchases. Use this template to help your organization reach out to these stakeholders.

Step 3: Choose ENERGY STAR Products to Purchase

Find ENERGY STAR products for office equipment, electronics, lighting, heating and cooling, appliances, building materials, and more.

Need commercial food service equipment? Enter your zip code to find dealers and distributors in your area.

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Step 4: Estimate your Potential Savings

Use these Excel-based calculators to estimate how much money and energy you can save purchasing ENERGY STAR certified products. For questions contact calculators@energystar.gov.

Commercial Food Service Equipment

  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment Calculator (Coming Fall 2020!) Includes:
    • Commercial Dishwashers
    • Commercial Freezers
    • Commercial Refrigerators
    • Commercial Fryers
    • Commercial Griddles
    • Commercial Hot Food Holding Cabinets
    • Commercial Ice Machines
    • Commercial Ovens
    • Commercial Steam Cookers

Heating & Cooling Products

The ENERGY STAR HVAC calculators for are currently being updated.

Lighting Products

Pool Pumps

Products with Suspended Specifications

More Help from ENERGY STAR

  • Read case studies about organizations that have implemented successful purchasing programs.
  • Contact ENERGY STAR directly at espurchasing@cadmusgroup.com and we can:
    • Help you estimate the savings potential of an ENERGY STAR purchasing program or the realized savings of an existing program.
    • Review your purchasing policy and help you draft language that specifies ENERGY STAR purchasing.
    • Assist in the development of communications that explain the benefits of a change in purchasing policy to upper management, purchasing agents, and employees.

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