Directory of energy efficiency programs leveraging ENERGY STAR®

Last updated: 03-31-2021
image of EEP directory

Use this directory to find Energy Efficiency Program Administrators who run regional or sector-based programs to promote energy efficiency. The directory lists programs and organizations that provide incentives, expert help, and benchmarking assistance, plus those that offer Portfolio Manager web services.

The directory can help you identify organizations in your state that sponsor energy efficiency programs that leverage ENERGY STAR. These offerings can include financial and technical assistance to improve the energy efficiency of your business. The directory is now provided in PDF format and provides a quick way to find out which programs sponsors are offering services that will help you improve the energy performance of your commercial buildings using ENERGY STAR.

Program sponsor partners include regulated utilities, publicly owned utilities, and energy delivery companies; national, regional, state, or local government entities; and other organizations involved in coordinating or administering energy efficiency or environmental education programs that promote ENERGY STAR.

Topic: Financial