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Energy Savings Tips for Small Businesses: Convenience Stores

Use this document to find specific advice on how convenience stores can become more energy efficient. This resource is intended to complement and build upon the guidance provided in the ENERGY STAR® Small Business Action Workbook, with a focus on the convenience store facility type.

In addition to tips, Energy Savings Tips for Small Businesses: Convenience Stores provides guidance on how to profile your energy use and links to additional resources.

Energy Audits for Small Businesses

Whether you are thinking about upgrades for equipment that obviously needs replacing or don’t know what equipment may need replacing, you may wonder, “where should I start?” and “do I replace one piece of equipment or system at a time or should I do a comprehensive upgrade of my entire facility?” The answers to these questions will vary depending on your facility—these may include the age of your current equipment and facility systems, your local utility rates, your hours of operation, your level of contentedness with your current equipment and systems, and your

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