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Team Your Brand with the ENERGY STAR® Action Workbook: Co-branding Opportunities

The ENERGY STAR Action Workbooks (and associated appendices) are resources that help walk Small Businesses and Congregations through the ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management. These workbooks provide sector-specific technical information and strategies to help individuals create a tailored energy efficiency plan that works for their organization.

ENERGY STAR Cuaderno de acción para las empresas pequeñas

Este documento de dos páginas resume el Cuadernillo de ENERGY STAR para la pequeña empresa y es útil para personas quien quieren un resumen del siete paso estrategia de ENERGY STAR para conservar energía en su empresa pequeña. Para las empresas interesadas en implementar esta estrategia, recomendamos descargar el Cuadernillo de ENERGY STAR para la pequeña completa.

ENERGY STAR® Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Your Restaurant

Use this two-page document to find specific advice on how restaurants can save money by following ENERGY STAR guidance. This resource is intended to complement and build upon the guidance provided in the ENERGY STAR Small Business Action Workbook, with a focus on the commercial food service facility type.

The factsheet provides tips on cutting down on energy usage and links to additional ENERGY STAR resources for restaurants.

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