Guidance & requirements

Verifying the ENERGY STAR Certification Application

Title slide for presentation

This annotated presentation provides an overview of the Licensed Professional’s responsibilities and role in the process of verifying an application for ENERGY STAR certification. The presentation gives an overview of the site visit and how to conduct a through and systematic review of the property, as well as some of the details of the property - basic property information, applicable indoor environmental standards, property use details, and, most importantly, the whole building energy consumption. The presentation concludes with a brief description of the audit process.

How to use web services

Save your customers time and deliver the added value of ENERGY STAR metrics through ENERGY STAR web services. Use this 12-page resource to learn how to connect with your customers to exchange data via web services using EPA's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool.

Verification process for ENERGY STAR certified buildings

This 5-page background document summarizes the process for verifying applications for ENERGY STAR certification. It also addresses the rationale for requiring that only licensed professionals (professional engineers and registered architects) can verify and stamp applications, and solicits input on this requirement. The deadline for submitting comments has closed. Thank you for your feedback. 

ENERGY STAR Guide for Licensed Professionals

The U.S. Licensed Professional’s Guide provides everything you need to know about verifying applications for ENERGY STAR certification. It outlines the step-by-step process and is required reading if you’re verifying applications for ENERGY STAR certification. Test your knowledge of the rules and policies for verifying ENERGY STAR Certification applications for commercial buildings by taking the new ENERGY STAR Quiz for Licensed Professionals!

Introduction to the Cash Flow Opportunity Calculator Spreadsheet

This interactive, self-guided presentation shows how to use operating budgets as a potential "source of revenue" to pay for energy efficiency projects. The Cash Flow Opportunity (CFO) Calculator is an interactive calculator that helps quantify the cost of delaying investment in upgrades by addressing three critical questions: How much new energy efficiency equipment can be purchased from the anticipated savings; should this equipment purchase be financed now, or is it better to wait and use cash from a future budget; and is money being lost by waiting for a lower interest rate?

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