Holiday Toolkit

Promotional instructions, messaging, and materials for the 2023 Holiday promotion. Includes information about how to participate, links to creative assets, sample social media posts, and consumer messaging.

Ingredient Brand Guide

This guide will explain the concept of ingredient branding, share ingredient brand best practices and ENERGY STAR consumer insights, and discuss strategic implications and opportunities for ENERGY STAR partners to maximize their partnership and drive business results.

Customer Segmentation Study

In 2020, EPA developed ENERGY STAR customer segments using the latest data from Claritas, in order to support customer acquisition and retention efforts for likely and prospective customers. We identified households that are likely to have (savers) or intend (intenders) to purchase an energy saving appliance and gathered customer data related to several demographic and behavioral factors. We then analyzed this data to develop high-level findings and market, media, and messaging insights.

Consumer Research Report

In 2020, EPA conducted phased qualitative research leveraging the customer segmentation data to explore attitudes, perceptions, and experiences with respect to the ENERGY STAR brand and its partners. We then synthesized the results to create stimuli that we tested to inform brand campaign messaging and look and feel.

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