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Portfolio Manager Data Explorer User Guide

This guide introduces the features of the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Data Explorer, which enables users to explore aggregated, anonymized data from EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. It includes examples (at the end of the guide), demonstrating how to combine specific filters to get the most out of the data.

The Portfolio Manager Data Explorer offers a variety of metrics, and users can quickly see how the energy use of buildings varies based on the type of building, where it is located, its size, and other filters. Users can also download results for further analysis.

Aggregate Efficiency Index

This guide describes how organizations with diverse operations or products can accurately calculate and report aggregate energy intensity. Using the aggregate efficiency index (AEI) approach can help companies judge changes in energy performance at the corporate level.

How to Benchmark Properties with Offsite Renewable Energy in Portfolio Manager

Users can track the purchase, consumption, and emissions impact of offsite  renewable energy, including bundled green power products and unbundled renewable energy certificates (RECs) in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. This 3-page document lays out the steps to track the use of offsite renewable energy at your building to obtain accurate metrics for energy and emissions performance. 

How to Use Web Services: Connection and Sharing Guidance for Providers

Many utilities and third-party service providers exchange data directly with their customers’ Portfolio Manager accounts via web services. In order to exchange data in Portfolio Manager, users must set up a connection with a web services provider account and then share their properties and/or meters with this account. This 8-page document outlines how to set up this connection, and share access to properties and meters.

Licensed Professionals' Guide: Tenant Space Recognition

The 17-page Licensed Professional’s Guide for Tenant Space recognition provides everything you need to know about verifying applications for ENERGY STAR Tenant Space recognition, a new recognition program for commercial office tenants launched by EPA in late 2020. It outlines the step-by-step process and is required reading if you’re a Licensed Professional verifying applications for ENERGY STAR Tenant Space recognition.

How to Apply for ENERGY STAR Tenant Space Recognition

Download this 13-page guide for step-by-step instructions on how to apply for ENERGY STAR® Tenant Space recognition for your energy-efficient commercial office space. This guide will help you determine if your space qualifies for ENERGY STAR recognition as a Tenant Space, outlines the recognition eligibility requirements, and provides full details of the application process. Earn ENERGY STAR Tenant Space recognition, and make the commitment to save money and protect the environment through superior energy efficiency!

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