Computers Specification Version 6.1

The ENERGY STAR specification for computers is currently under revision. Materials related to this revision process are provided below. Stakeholders who received past communications related to development of Version 6.0 will continue to receive updates on the development effort. To be added to the contact list, stakeholders are encouraged to contact with their contact information to be added to the list.

ENERGY STAR Computers Work Station Testing - March 2, 2016
External Power Supply Requirement Update — October 31, 2014

EPA has updated relevant ENERGY STAR electronics product specifications to reflect that the Single- and Multiple-voltage EPSs shall meet the Level V or higher performance requirements under the International Efficiency Marking Protocol.  This update does not affect currently certified products but rather allows products with a level VI EPS to be certified as ENERGY STAR.

Memo on Workstations - May 20, 2014
Draft Version 6.1 Specification – March 12, 2014

The Draft Version 6.1 Computer specification and associated documents are posted below. Stakeholders are encouraged to review these documents and provide written feedback via email to by April 9, 2014.

Stakeholder Comments on the Version 6.1 ENERGY STAR Computer Specification Revision Discussion Document – January 25, 2014
Fujitsu Comments (PDF, 45 KB)
ITI Comments (PDF, 676 KB)
JEITA Comments (PDF, 85 KB)
NEEP and CLC Comments (PDF, 32 KB)
ENERGY STAR Version 6.1 Computers Revision Webinar
ENERGY STAR Version 6.1 Computers Specification

EPA wishes to engage stakeholders on the expansion of the specification to include slate/tablet computing products. Stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback on the specific concepts and definitions presented in this document, as well as any comments of a more general nature, to by January 10, 2014.