Commercial Clothes Washers

Commercial Clothes Washer

Choosing ENERGY STAR certified commercial clothes washers for your laundry facilities will save you a significant amount of money and provide your residents with the best laundry performance possible.

Make your property more attractive to current and prospective residents.
Thanks to the latest cutting-edge features, ENERGY STAR certified commercial clothes washers will satisfy all of your residents' demands and more:

  • Charge a Higher Vend Price. Since most ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers have more capacity than conventional clothes washers, property managers can charge a higher vend price and increase vend revenue.
  • Save More Than Money. ENERGY STAR certified commercial washers have more capacity than conventional top-load models with an agitator. Some front-loaders can wash over 20 pounds of laundry at once, compared to 10-15 pounds for a standard top-loader. This means your residents can do fewer loads and avoid having to bring big, bulky items to the Laundromat.
  • Enjoy Clothes Longer. Most ENERGY STAR certified commercial washers are designed without an agitator, which results in a gentler wash than conventional top-load washers with agitators.
  • Enjoy More Convenience. Some ENERGY STAR certified commercial washers include web-linking technologies with notification abilities, allowing your residents to know exactly when a washer is free as well as the precise moment to move clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Colesville Towers (PDF, 1.20MB) - This apartment community in Maryland worked with a route operator to replace its regular clothes washers with new ENERGY STAR certified washers, saving energy, water, and money and offering residents an attractive "green" amenity. Learn how they did it.

Current Specification Effective Date:  February 5, 2018

Clothes washers originally qualified for the ENERGY STAR label in May, 1997. Clothes washers that have earned the ENERGY STAR are about 25 percent more efficient and use about 45 percent less water than standard models.

Eligibility Requirements:
Only front and top loader clothes washers with capacities of greater than 1.6 ft3 are eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR.

Clothes Washers Key Product Criteria: ENERGY STAR

Learn How a Product Earns the Label

Laundry route operators and distributors can provide ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers for your facilities. Route operators can place commercial laundry equipment in your facilities and provide maintenance and coin collection services. Commercial laundry distributors can sell or lease laundry equipment to you; the operation and maintenance of your laundry rooms is up to you.

For a list of ENERGY STAR partners that sell ENERGY STAR certified equipment, see Find an operator.