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ENERGY STAR News May/June 2001 — Headline Articles

Honoring Environmental Accomplishments

2001 ENERGY STAR Awards Ceremony

On March 20, 2001, IBM, Hilton, and Sears were among the companies honored at the ENERGY STAR awards ceremony in Washington DC. These and other champions of energy efficiency and strategic energy management gathered to receive this annual award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

The evening was filled with excitement and anticipation as the award winners networked with industry colleagues, the media, and ENERGY STAR staff. The honorary event began with a reception hosted by Johnson Controls, Inc, during which attendees viewed displays from some of ENERGY STAR’s most notable consumer education award winners.

Christie Whitman, EPA Administrator, delivered the opening remarks, and Tina Settecase,vice president and general merchandise manager of home appliances at Sears, Roebuck & Company, presented the partner keynote address.

Recipients of the 2001 ENERGY STAR awards were selected based on their significant efforts as environmental leaders. The winners construct energy-efficient products, build energy-efficient homes, implement strategic energy management plans, and promote the merits of energy efficiency to consumers and other prospective partners. These award-winning partners and energy service providers have distinguished themselves as environmental leaders by successfully integrating environmental protection with their businesses to be more profitable and fiscally responsible.

“More than 7,000 organizations participate in the ENERGY STAR program, including more than 500 retailers with 7,000 storefronts, 1,600 manufacturers, and another 1,600 homebuilders. Thousands of others participate in ways that have seen their commitment to an energy upgrade in buildings and other operations. Those we are honoring here tonight are among the brightest stars in ENERGY STAR firmament.

If every American consumer bought nothing but ENERGY STAR products-something we all hold in our hearts as something we want to accomplish someday-if they all did, American families would save $100 billion in energy costs over the next decade.

If every building owner performed recommended, cost-effective ENERGY STAR upgrades, another $130 billion would be saved in that same 10-year period.

But, as we like to say in ENERGY STAR, ‘money isn’t all your saving,’ with this program. ENERGY STAR is making America cleaner and healthier for our children and grandchildren. It is helping us meet our obligation to leave this planet better off than the way we found it.”

— Christie Whitman, Administrator, EPA

ENERGY STAR is smart business—many organizations across the country have made a commitment to strategic energy management and are reaping financial benefits. Congratulations to the 2001 ENERGY STAR award winners!

Browse through a gallery of photos from the ceremony.

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2001 ENERGY STAR Now Includes Industrial Energy Performance

If your business uses energy to manufacture goods and products, then you will be pleased to know that ENERGY STAR now offers an industrial focus. ENERGY STAR is delivering the industrial focused resources of Climate Wise, and over the next year will be making strides to include measures of financial performance. Currently, measures of financial and energy performance at the plant or facility level are under development, as are plans for several industrial-networking opportunities throughout the United States. These, along with the benchmarking opportunities that ENERGY STAR offers for buildings and the energy management strategies, provide a great way to gauge your organization’s energy performance.

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New Service: Rate Your Home’s Energy Use

ENERGY STAR is proud to announce the launch of its Home Improvement Program. Through this program, homeowners can now easily find energy saving solutions when repairing, remodeling, or renovating their homes. The ENERGY STAR Home Improvement Toolbox contains a suite of assessment tools including the Home Benchmark that allows homeowners to compare their homes’ energy performances to other homes across the country, as well as a tool that can identify the top five cost-effective improvements that can be made to the home. The Toolbox also contains information from ENERGY STAR on heating and cooling systems as well as air-sealed and insulated home envelopes to help simplify the home improvement process. Whether you are repairing or remodeling your home, ask for ENERGY STAR to save money, improve comfort, and protect the environment.

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