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A New Day for Building ENERGY STAR

With the advent of HVAC grading, ENERGY STAR offers unprecedented value for builders and owners alike. Listen to this session, presented on September 30, 2021, to get a fresh perspective on the seven essential features that certification adds above and beyond a good energy rating and learn about new resources for convincing builders to join or rejoin the program. 

Four Misunderstood Facts About ENERGY STAR Homes Technical Bulletin, October 29, 2019

Builder partners sometimes misunderstand ENERGY STAR program requirements and overestimate the level of upgrades needed to participate. The truth is that ENERGY STAR might be an easier lift than you think. This technical bulletin presents four facts about ENERGY STAR program requirements that are commonly misunderstood.

ENERGY STAR Home Builder Orientation Video

This YouTube video highlights key requirements for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program. Targeted for new and current home builder partners, builders will learn about the value and market advantage of the program in addition to the many resources available to them and the expectations and responsibilities of a trusted ENERGY STAR home builder partner.

ENERGY STAR Certified Homes - Web Banners and Buttons

Select from a variety of web buttons and banners that can be easily uploaded to your Web site to promote your ENERGY STAR partnership and that allow you to easily link to the consumer side of the ENERGY STAR certified homes Web site at

These Web buttons and banners are accessed via partners' password protected My ENERGY STAR Account (MESA).

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