The My ENERGY STAR platform and ENERGY STAR Home Advisor online tool will be sunset in April, and users will no longer be able to access their accounts as of May 1st, 2023.
See Home Advisor Sunset Details for more information.

Home Advisor

Are you ready to increase your home's energy efficiency and all-around comfort? With the ENERGY STAR® Home Advisor, you can create a profile of your home's energy efficiency features and get a prioritized list of energy-saving recommendations customized to your home.

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The ENERGY STAR Home Advisor can help you improve your home's energy efficiency while adding comfort and value.

Home Advisor in three simple steps

Create your home's energy profile.

Let the Home Advisor walk you through creating your comprehensive home profile. Don't have all the information right now? That's ok; you can always come back.
  • Guided Setup
  • All your energy info in one place
  • Add your own notes

Get custom recommendations.

Using your home's unique profile, the Home Advisor gives you prioritized recommendations for improving energy efficiency.
  • The latest ENERGY STAR information
  • Prioritized for you
  • Driven by your data

Improve your home's efficiency.

Build your list of improvements and track your progress. Update your home's profile and view the latest recommendations.
  • Integrated with My ENERGY STAR To-Do List
  • Easily update your profile

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