National Building Competition

Build Your Own Battle Competition Calendar

Use this calendar, based on the internal calendar EPA used for a year-long National Building Competition, to inform your Build Your Own Battle competition timeline. The calendar provides columns for you to set your own unique dates for your competition's milestones, and is organized by phases of a competition, including registration, final data collection, and winner annoucements.

Build Your Own Battle Template Competition Emails

Use these templates as a starting point for emails you’ll likely send at each stage of your competition, including registration, kick-off, midpoint check-in, final weigh-in, and winner announcement. Fill in the templates with your competition details and keep in contact with your participants throughout your competition through email and social media. The template also includes sample instructions to include in a Data Request within Portfolio Manager.

Competitor Data Tracker Template

Use this template Competitor Data Tracker spreadsheet to help you manage the data from your organization's energy- or water-efficiency competition. It includes many of the alerts and checks EPA refined through seven years of managing competitions for thousands of buildings. Make sure to review the Data Management Guide for more information on how to manage the data analysis for an organizitoinal energy efficeiecny competition. 

Energy Efficiency Competition Data Management Guide

Use this 18-page guide to walk through each step of the data management process during an organizational energy- or water-efficiency competition. The guide covers how to design the rules within the constrainsts of the available data and how to analyze competitor data and identify the winners. 

The guide also contains additional resources to assist the Data Manager of an efficiency competition:

EPA's 2016 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition Final Results

See the final standings for the 2016 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition: BOOTCAMP. These competitors spent 90 days from September to November working to cut energy and water waste in their buildings, one energy- or water-saving action at a time!

Click the arrows on each column header to see a drop down list of text or numerical values in each column category; select or deselect text or values, and click "Okay" to sort the spreadsheet.

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